Why Choose Singapore ?


Here are few reasons to choose to study in Singapore, especially for International students from Asia :

1). Singapore is one of the safest cities in the world.
Safety is also including the freedom from a drug-influenced environment.
Drug laws are very strict here. Directly or indirectly, your child is protected by the Singapore government laws.
The strict laws and low crime rates mean that streets and public transportation are secure.

2). Singapore is nearby to their home country / Parents are nearer with their children.
Singapore’s proximity to Asian Countries makes it a much preferred choice among the Asian students and their parents (from China, India, Indonesian, Malaysian, Vietnam, etc).
Parents of undergraduate students generally prefer Singapore over other study destinations as its only a few hours flight from their home country (unlike the US and the UK) and it is nearer with their children.

3). Familiar Language and Culture.
English is the medium of education and business – it is the first language taught in school and the main language used in the workplace. The predominant usage of English means expatriates and foreigners living in Singapore find it is one of the most easily adaptable countries in Asia.

Most Singaporeans are bilingual in English and a second language, commonly Mandarin, Malay or Tamil. According to Singapore’s Department of Statistics, the ethnic mix of Singapore citizen population (Data as of June 2015) : Chinese 76.2%, Malay 15.0%, Indian 7.4%, other ethnicities 1.4%.

As Singapore has Asian culture, International students from Asian countries would be more easy to adapt in Singapore than in other non-Asian countries (USA, UK, Australia, etc).

4). Singapore is one of the financial hubs in the world; Opportunities to work in Multi National Companies (MNC).
Singapore is host to MNCs from wide-ranging industries and geographies, and students have bright chances of finding employment. In case they find employment, most employers are willing to sponsor these students if they are ready to take on the job on graduation.

Note :
44 percent of MNC have substantial APAC (Asia Pacific) headquarters located in Singapore. Emerging Asian MNCs that are starting to make their mark globally are also using Singapore as a springboard for growth.

5). Opportunities to have an international exposure and meet students from all over the world.
Singapore is the meeting point of the world and a unique blend of east and west. Ideally placed to foster cultural, economic and academic exchanges. Singapore is the gateway between Asia and the rest of the world.

Unlike anywhere else in the world, studying in Singapore puts you right at the heart of a unique learning experience where there is a blend of social, cultural and educational mix. It offers you the sophistication of modern living as well as the richness of an Asian Heritage.

6). Quality of schooling.
As a nation whose only resource is its people, education in Singapore is taken very seriously by the Singapore government.
The quality of schooling in Singapore is among the best in the world, the Singapore educational system and textbooks have been adopted from and adapted by other countries.

7). Better life.
People who live here enjoy access to clean environment and convenient amenities, from efficient services to cheap public transportation, that just make life better.


The Map of Singapore Education Journey

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