Terms & Conditions

The special instructions of your travel bookings are set out in the Pax Statement and in these Terms and Conditions. They should be read together.

You and your traveling companions are deemed to have read, understood and accepted the following policies (collectively called “the Terms and Conditions”). For the purpose of clarity, “School & Accommodation Network (Singapore)” shall be referred to as “the Company” hereinafter. Please check addenda to the Terms and Conditions, if any, upon booking.


“Always striving to serve you better” best sums up the Company’s service policy and its underlying motivation of providing excellent services that meet or exceed the expectations of the Customer.


As part of its corporate responsibility towards the Customer, the Company adopts fair and ethical business practices as well as accurate marketing communications at all times.


A reservation is made upon the payment of full amount to the Company no later than fourteen (14) days before the day of the visit. Failure to comply with this may result in automatic cancellation of reservation.

Any minor below 21 years old travelling without an accompanying adult must inform the company upon booking. An adult undertaking may be required.


The Customer shall provide the correct and accurate data/information to the Company if the data/information is requested, such as :
* The name that is going to be used during the Hotel Check-In;
* The address of the Hotel or Residential that the Customer is going to stay;
* The address of the School that the Customer would like to visit; etc.

The Company accepts no responsibility if the Customer provides incorrect or inaccurate information and causes directly or indirectly : delay; cancellation of the appointment(s) that has/have been prearranged with third party(ies) and or cancellation of the visit, partially or fully; losses and or additional expenses. In this circumstance, the Company reserves the right to consider the visit services as unused or unconsumed by the Customer. There is no refund for unused or unconsumed portion of the visit, either in part or full, as stated on the section 9.1 (Refund Policy on Unused or Unconsumed portion of the visit).

However, the Company will make reasonable effort, but not an obligation, to materialize the visit on that day wherever possible with offering option for the Customer such as alter the visit itineraries, arrangements, and or make necessary and reasonably changes.


5.1. For Group Visit
The Company will determine the school(s) to be visited.

5.2. For Private Visit
Unless the Customer has stated in the Reservation Form about the Name and Address of the school that the Customer wants to visit, the Company will determine a school to be visited.

5.3. Entering into the school’s Premises
Entering into the school’s premises will be arranged by the Company, and it is subjected to the school’s approval. If due to certain event, day, season, or reason that the school does not give consent to the Customer and or the Company to enter into the school’s premises, the visit could still be done by bring the Customer to the location of the school and do the viewing only from the outside of the school without entering into the school’s premises.


6.1. Cancellation of Reservation by Customer

Cancellation of reservation by Customer must be made in writing and received by the Company prior to the date of the visit. Please note that cancellation fee will apply and it is computed based on the length of notice period prior to the day of the visit, and a percentage of the total visit fare. The cancellation fee is indicated below.

6.2. Cancellation Fee

The cancellation charges below only apply to visits operated by the Company.
For visit products or individual components supplied by third party(ies), cancellation fee under the terms and conditions of the third party(ies) shall apply with a handling fee of S$30 per service per person.

Cancellation & Amendment Policies :

Number of days between : the day of the visit and
the day of receipt of cancellation notice in writing.                           Cancellation Fee
* 15 days and above…………………………………………………..  25% of the total visit fare
* 8 to 14 days…………………………………………………………..  50% of the total visit fare
* 4 to 7 days…………………………………………………………….  75% of the total visit fare
* 3 days and less……………………………………………………… 100% of the total visit fare

6.3. Cancellation of Visit by Company

At times, due to low participation for a visit package or when the arrangement cannot be confirmed, the Company may choose to cancel the entire visit or parts of the visit prior to its commencement. The Company shall notify the Customer of the cancellation at least eight (8) days prior to the day of the visit. The Company may, if it so chooses, recommend alternative visits preferably to the same category of the destination or other visits to the Customer, based on the visit fare of that period; or offer the option for the Customer to top up the visit fare in order to materialize the visit. The Company may recommend alternatives if available. Please note that surcharges may apply on a case by case basis and the Customer will be advised accordingly.

Should the Customer decide not to accept the alternatives, all refund will be made accordingly by the Company and without further obligations. The Company shall also not be held liable for any contingent costs incurred by the Customer arising from the cancellation. Save as stated herein, the Company shall not be liable for any claims, losses, damages or costs sustained by the Customer.

The Customer shall receive the refund within two (2) weeks to a month upon the Company notifying the Customer of the visit cancellation. However, during the peak period, refunds may take around six weeks to be paid.


The visit fare excludes airline tickets, hotel bookings, airport transportation, airport taxes, airport security tax, airline insurance surcharges, airline fuel surcharges, visa fees, port tax, service fees as specified by the airline or airport authorities, where applicable custom user fees, excess baggage charges, room service, beverage charges, laundry charges, travel insurance, tips to hotel porter, gratuities to drivers/group leaders/guides and all items of personal nature.


Amendment refers to any change to the information as provided by the customer in the first time submitted Reservation Form through online (webpage) or offline (hardcopy).

8.1. General Amendments

Any amendments (excluding the Date of the visit, or visit Type) made by the Customer after reservations have been confirmed, an amendment fee will apply :
* For the first (1st) time of amendment : $0 (Free of charge)
* For the second (2nd) time of amendment : At least $30 per person

8.2. Amendments to the Date of the visit, or visit Type

Any amendments made by the Customer on the Date of the visit, or visit Type, will be treated as cancellation of the visit by the Customer, and cancellation fee as stipulated on section 6.2 (Cancellation Fee) will apply.

8.3. Amendments to Visit Itinerary or Schedule by Company

The Company makes reasonable effort to avoid changes in the itinerary. However, the Company reserves the right to make changes and/or cancellation at any time due to unforeseen circumstances without any compensation, especially during peak seasons or in the event of a force majeure.


9.1. Refund Policy on Unused or Unconsumed portion of the Visit

No refund will be made for unused or unconsumed portion of the visit such as unused transportation, unconsumed meals, unused visit arrangements, or any other services included in the visit fare but not utilized by the Customer, either in part of full, or where the Customer amends, cancels or otherwise varies arrangements after commencement of the visit.

9.2. Refund for cancellation

Upon cancellation, the Company will refund the amount paid according to charges stipulated on section 6.2 (Cancellation Fee). All refunds will be paid to the Customer within two (2) weeks to a month. However, during the peak period, refunds may take around six weeks to be paid.

9.3. Refund on Visit Packages if visit unable to confirm

The Company makes reasonable effort to avoid the unconfirm reservation. However, in the event that the reservation cannot be confirmed, the Company will endeavour to notify the Customer at least eight (8) days prior to the date of the visit and a refund of the visit fare will be made if the reservation is cancelled as a result of the inability to confirm the reservation.

The Customer shall receive the refund within two (2) weeks to a month upon the Company notifying the Customer of the visit cancellation. However, during the peak period, refunds may take around six weeks to be paid.

9.4. Refund Policy on Payment Mode

For payment made by cheque or cash, refund will be made in a form of a cheque and processed within two (2) weeks to a month from date of written cancellation.
For payment made by credit card, refund will be made through the credit card company and processed within four (4) to six (6) weeks. During peak periods, the refund process may be longer due to the increase in transactions.


Payment may be made in Singapore Dollars by cash, NETS, cheques, credit cards or travel vouchers issued by the Company. Cheques will only be accepted if presented to the Company at least seven (7) working days prior to the day of the visit.

For payments by travel vouchers, all terms & conditions stipulated on the travel vouchers have to be met before it can be accepted as a mode of payment.


11.1. The Company accepts no responsibility for any injury caused to the Customer, loss or expenses incurred by the Customer and damage to the Customer belongings where the Company has not been negligent nor in breach of any duty and or where the aforementioned injury, loss, expenses and or damage results directly or indirectly from any occurrence beyond the Company’s control and or including but not limited to the breakdown of equipment, accident, acts of God, political unrest, strike, government actions, delay, weather, medical reasons, theft, quarantine regulation, customs regulations, cancellation, changes in the visit itinerary and or flight and or other transport schedules, deportation and or refusal of entry by immigration authorities resulting from the possession of illegal and or unlawful items and or holding invalid travel documents and or invalid visa and or behaviour and or activities are considered as subversive by the local or foreign government concerned

11.2. The failure of the Customer to follow reasonable instructions including but not limited to check-in and or check-out places and or times or other causes, and the losses and or expenses resulting therefore shall be borne by the Customer.

11.3. All necessary travel documents shall be the responsibility of the person participating in the visit packages.

11.4. The Company reserves the right to:

11.4.1. Alter visit itineraries, travel arrangements, due to unforeseen changes in transportation schedules, conditions of travel according to the visit itinerary or upon the occurrence of a force majeure event and such alteration may be made as deemed appropriate by the Company with or without prior notice to the Customer.

11.4.2. To cancel any reservations prior to the day of the visit for reasons including but not limited to the insufficient number of participants the occurrence of which would require the visit fare to be refunded without further obligation on the part of the company, upon the Customer surrender to the Company of all documents issued by Company for the purposes of the visit package. The Company will recommend alternative visits, either to the same destination or other destinations. Should the Customer decide not to accept the alternative, all monies paid by the Customer shall be refunded in full by the Company without further obligations on the part of the Company.

11.4.3. Require any individual to withdraw from the visit, or decline or refuse the Customer as a member of the visit, if it is deemed that his or her behavior or conduct is likely to endanger the health or safety of himself or herself, or impair the comfort and enjoyment of others on the visit, detrimental to or incompatible with the health, safety, interests, harmony and welfare of the other visit participants and the visit group as a whole. Under such circumstances, the Company shall be under no liability thereafter to any such person.

11.4.4. To specify the language(s) in which the group leaders/guides will conduct commentary in.

11.5. No group leaders, guides or other employees or agents of the Company are authorized to commit the Company to any liability whatsoever and the Company shall not be bound by any statement or representation unless it is in writing and signed by a Management Executive of the Company.

11.6. All visit fares for the respective visit packages are correct at the time of reservation. The company reserves the right to revise the visit fares and to determine the date of commencement of such revised visit fares.


These terms and conditions shall not be amended or waived except by written agreement between the Customer and the Company.


The Company welcomes feedback from the Customer anytime. Should the Customer have any issue of concern, please contact the Company immediately. Its feedback channels include:
* Face-to-face feedback
* Telephone communication at (+65) 9271 1638, Mondays to Fridays: 9am to 6pm
* Written feedback via email to Business@SAVisit.com

Any complaint and or claim shall be submitted in writing within fourteen (14) days from the date of the last day of the visit itinerary for the company’s investigation. No responsibility is accepted in respect of any complaint and or claim not so made.


The Company will collect and use of the Customer’s personal particulars/information for the purpose of completing the transaction, facilitating the smooth delivery of services, and may send newsletter or info of products/services which the Customer might be interested.

The Company will safeguard the Customer’s personal information, not to divulge it to any unauthorised third party without the Customer permission, unless required to by law.