Problems & Solutions

To find a school / accommodation for their child who study in a school in Singapore, the parents who are staying outside of Singapore usually :
(1). Put effort to come to Singapore to search for it by themselves; or
(2). Simply rely on a Singapore school agent in their home country.

(1). Put effort to come to Singapore to search for the school / accommodation by themselves.

Despite the parents has put effort coming to Singapore to search for the school / accommodation for their child, many of them still could not find the suitable one because they got problems in :
• Location Knowledge : Unfamiliar with the location, amenities, and the traveling time from one place to another in Singapore.
• Communication & Culture : Due to different language and culture between Singapore and their home country.
• Making & Coordinating Appointments : Unable to be efficient in making and coordinating appointments with several schools or several accommodations’ owner within their short trip to Singapore.

The Problems :
The above issues caused
the parents wasted a lot of Time & Money because :
• They need many trips to Singapore as their search for the school / accommodation can’t be settled within one trip.
• They need to pay for the Air Flight Ticket, Hotel and Land Transportation fees in Singapore for each visit.

Sometimes, when they feel inconvenience back and forth many times to Singapore just to search for the right school / accommodation, the parents or the child himself / herself just simply accept the one that they could find, even though its quality is below the quality that they wanted in the beginning.

(2). Simply rely on a Singapore school agent in their home country.

Sometimes, many parents confirmed in advance with the school agent on their child’s school / accommodation in Singapore even though they have not visited / compared it with the other ones in Singapore because :
• They are quite busy to go to Singapore,
• Convenient by just relying on the school agent; or
• Worried that they can’t get it on time.

Later, when the child or the parents are become more familiar with Singapore and the choices of school / accommodation places in Singapore, they may start to realise that their existing school / accommodation :
• Is not quite suitable.
• Its facilities and physical conditions are sub-standard.
• Comparing to other school / accommodation places : The other one is more values for money.

The Problems :
• Because of the above causes, the child prefers to change to other school / accommodation place.
• Changing School : It takes time to find a suitable one, and also costs extra money.
• Changing Accommodation Place : As the rental contract has been confirmed but the rental period has not expired yet, they have to pay the penalty fee for the early termination.


“SAVisit” (School & Accommodation Visit)
makes you easy and gives solutions to : not only the Parent, but also the Student.

(1). We bring you to see schools and accommodations in Singapore. You got more choices, join our SAVisit REGULAR or SAVisit FAMILY.
(2). We familiar with Singapore accommodation properties and locations. Our knowledge would be benefited you.
(3). We communicate in English, Indonesian, Mandarin, or Hokkien. We understand your needs better.
(4). We plan and do things efficiently and professionally. Our services will make you convenient.

Our services are useful for you because it could :
• SAVE YOUR TIME in searching for school / accommodation in Singapore for your child, and less sacrificing on your productive working hours in your home country.
• SAVE YOUR ENERGY as you need lesser trips to Singapore.
• SAVE YOUR MONEY in spending on Air Flight Ticket, Hotel, and Land Transportation fees in Singapore because you and your family need lesser trips.

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