“SAVisit” is just like a Tour to School / Campus and Accommodation.

* Untuk halaman dalam Bahasa Indonesia, klik disiniKunjungan ke Sekolah di Singapore & Tempat Akomodasi di Singapore. Rencanakan kuliah di Singapura / sekolah di Singapura. Cocok untuk murid / pelajar yang berencana kuliah di Singapore / sekolah di Singapore.

“SAVisit” (School & Accommodation Visit) provides solution to both the students and the parents who want to :
* Visit, See, Understand and Choose the Right School in Singapore.
* Visit, See, Understand and Find the Right Accommodation in Singapore.

Anyone could join “SAVisit” without have to have a certainty first to study in Singapore.
By joining this visit, you would gain experiences, see, feel and understand it yourself :
* How it feels Studying and Staying in Student Accommodation in Singapore ?
* Which school is more suitable for you ?
* What is HDB Flat, Landed House, Apartment, Student Hostel and how its internally looks like ?
* How big or small the size of the rental bedroom in Singapore ?

See the Visit Schedules.

Our services include: Singapore Campus Tour, Singapore School Tour, Singapore Student Accommodation Tour, Singapore Student Accommodation. Suitable for student who wants to study in Singapore.